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If you have any information about any of these links please let me know.

Here are some quality banjos and banjo sources from manufacturers, collectors and luthiers. These are good for dreaming. I choose no favorites, although if you know of an old Gibson checkerboard style 6 or Paramount Imperial at a garage sale, you could just get it and send it to me.

I've added editor's notes with links that no longer work. I have left the descriptions without links in place because the point of the page is that Paul felt these were important.

Exercise care with these links. As they age, they could become dangerous.

May 19, 2024: The number of links on this page that have aged out has increased dramatically. I am considering reogranizing the page so all the good links come first. I will also check the rest of the links on the page, which I have not done in several years.

Sites with good info and parts, plans, and techniques for building and maintenance of banjos. See also Scott Zimmerman's Banjo FAQs.

TThis FAQ was hosted on the Desert Rose Banjo site, which has been offline for several years.

19 May 2024 - Items above have been checked, items below have not.

Some great banjo and banjo related sites, not in any particular order. They are all worth checking.

And some links with little direct banjo connection at all. In grouplettes.

Some of the links that were originally on this page used free Web services of various kinds. This was not unusual in the mid-2000s. Many of these services are gone and in some cases the link ends up being used for nefarious purposes. I experienced this several times while updating the page in early 2018.

I will do my best to keep the page safe, but exercise caution.


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