Paul Hawthorne's Web Site

Converting Old Links to the New Site

If you have links or bookmarks to Paul's original site,, please update them  to according to the table below.

Most pages retain the same name except that the file extension is .php instead of .html or .htm. If the name has changed beyond that, the third column of the table will so indicate.

All pages in the original site were at the root. With the exception of the index and indexfile pages, all pages now reside in a folder.

For example, if you previously linked to

you would now link to Name Change?
5sob.html banjo/octavebanjo.php Yes
asianbanjocatalog.html asianbanjos/ Yes
asianbanjos.html asianbanjos/ Yes
asianbanjos2.html asianbanjos/gs.php Yes
asianbanjos3.html asianbanjos/gk.php Yes
asianbanjos4.html asianbanjos/lz.php Yes
asianbanjosentry.html asianbanjos/entry.php Yes
banjo.html banjo/ Yes
boots.html banjo/boots.php  
bpsy161.html banjopsych/bpsy161.php  
bpsy162.html banjopsych/bpsy162.php  
bpsy163.html banjopsych/bpsy163.php  
bpsy164.html banjopsych/bpsy164.php  
conservatory.htm banjo/ Yes
effectivelearning.html banjopsych/effectivelearning.php  
effectivelearning2.html banjopsych/effectivelearning.php Yes
banjolinks.html banjo/links.php  
gbv1ad.html gestaltbanjo/ Yes
gbv1-7.html gestaltbanjo/gbv1-7.php  
gbv1app5.html gestaltbanjo/gbv1app5.php  
gbv1app6.html gestaltbanjo/gbv1app6.php  
gbv1beta.html gestaltbanjo/gbv1beta.php  
gbv1content.html gestaltbanjo/gbv1content.php  
gbv2beta.html gestaltbanjo/gbv2beta.php  
gbv2beta1.html gestaltbanjo/gbv2beta1.php  
gbv2beta2.html gestaltbanjo/gbv2beta2.php  
gbvzbeta.html gestaltbanjo/gbvzbeta.php  
hutchens.html banjo/hutchens.php  
index.html index.php  
indexfile.html new.php Yes
indexfile2.html new.php Yes
jammandments.html banjo/jammandments.pdf  
jamstuff.html banjo/jamstuff.php  
lhrh.html banjo/lhrh.php  
medemo.html banjo/medemo.php  
meviewer.html banjo/meviewer.php  
monroeplayers.html banjo/monroeplayers.php  
obscure.html banjo/obscure.php  
re_bnl.html banjo/re_bnl.php  
reading.html banjopsych/reading.php  
search.html banjo/search.php  
site.htm about/  Yes
software.html banjo/software.php  
tablist.html banjo/tablature.php  
tablist2.html banjo/tablature.php  
taichi.html banjo/taichi.php  
ttk1.html banjo/ttk1.php  
ttk2.html banjo/ttk2.php  
ttk3.html banjo/ttk3.php  
ttk4.html banjo/ttk4.php  
ttk5.html banjo/ttk5.php  
zepp.html banjo/zepp.php  

Some material was originally hosted by Paul on his site but was relocated elsewhere before his death. The most notable example of this was Scott Zimmerman's Banjo FAQs. (Note that these are no longer online.) New Location

Thank you for adjusting your links. If you have any problem, please contact me.


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