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Asian Banjo Catalogs

Cover, Iida banjo catalog, USA, 1976Iida - 1976
Catalog courtesy of Kelly Cole, Iowa City, Iowa, who has a 240.

Cover, Gold Star banjo catalog, USA, 1979Gold Star Flatheads - 1979
Catalog courtesy of Will Fastie, Baltimore, Maryland.

Note: The price list is one page from Saga's complete price list published May 15, 1980. The page includes all Saga banjo models, including eight kits.

Cover, Gold Star banjo catalog, USA, 1982Gold Star Archtops - 1982
Catalog courtesy of Tom Ambrose, Tehachapi, California.

For a great collection of Asian banjo catalogs, you can use the Alta Vista Babel Fish translator incorporated in the links below. The translation is phonetic, Talker I is Tokai, Mho lith is Morris....

Because of the interest I shared with Paul in vintage Gold Star banjos, I have taken some liberties with this page. First, I have reworked it so that the page images pop up in their own window. This allows the visitor to view a page without moving off the catalog page. Second, I plan to add material here as I come across more catalogs. I weighed putting these on my site, but they belong here.

If you have an old catalog for Asian (primarily Japanese) banjos, I'd like to hear from you.


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